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The Spa Basin

Beautiful skin is for everyone

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About Us:

I was responsible for helping to launch the very first line of cosmetics Estee Lauder dedicated to African American Women. While it was fun and exciting I notice that I quickly became allergic to lots of the ingredients that was being used to create these products. I loved the business and wanted to stay, but
realized that I had to work with cosmetics that was geared more towards natural and sensitive individuals.

I moved on to several companies including  Borghese and still did not find find a line I could tolerate. Hence, I started using natural products found mostly in the health food stores and finally, with the help of experts I was able to develop my own line of products.

I believe that all in all,  whatever you do for your skin and your body, you should keep it as close to natural as possible. And it was with this philosophy that I founded my own line of skin care products. Nature has already laid the basis for us to nurture our lifestyles.

The Spa Basin was founded on the philosophy of three key factors for beautiful skin, hair and a healthy lifestyle. (a) A natural diet of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, (b) A natural exercise program to keep you fit, and to keep your skin tight and glowing.
(c) Natural skin care products to compliment your natural lifestyle.

With years of ongoing experience, I bring with me proven insight into the many aspects of the  skin care needs of today's woman. Products that are made from nature, with pure natural ingredients formulated to give you results that will keep you looking great at any age.