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Replenish your beads after six months: Our scented sachets beads arrive to you well fragrant. However the scent will wear off over time and this is why we are offering the replenish oils to freshen and extend the life of your sachet bags.


Product details:
Extend the life of your scented sachet bags with the replinish oil, requires only a few drops. Replenish your beads after six months, (just saturate the bag) or anytime you want to enjoy the full aroma of your beads. Very easy to use. Comes with easy instructions.

Lavender White Gardenia  
Country Garden Fresh Clean Linen  
Dreamcicle Garden of Paradise  
 Fresh Spa Scent Poeny 
 Lemon Verbena Ocean Breeze 
 Lavender Rose  Vanilla 
Fresh Cut Roses  Chamomile 

 $12.00 Each/10 Ml
In stock/ships within 2 days. 
If purchased seperately/shipment will be first class
As a add on/Priority Mail. 1lb